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Food Factory Hygiene

Professional Outsourcing Specialists

Meeting customer demands - our existing customer base offers us the important interface with the major food retailer’s hygiene systems and auditors. We know the hygiene standards they are looking for us to deliver.

  • Good Manufacturing Practice - built on our extensive knowledge & ‘hands-on’ experience managing various food manufacturing sites, we know and understand food production.
  • BRC audit compliance - BRC auditors consider our systems and support services to be fully compliant.
  • Product Quality - where there are microbiological issues or quality concerns we work closely with our clients technical staff and exchange audit findings and hygiene solutions.
  • Risk Assessments, Safe Working Methods & Cleaning Instructions - we provide fully documented hygiene manuals which apart from including all necessary cleaning instruction cards (CICs), also includes reporting and training.

Service Benefits

  • Dedicated hygiene management - allowing you to focus on production demands.
  • Assured standards - with agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Implementation team - to ensure smooth transition from existing to new systems.
  • Hygiene manuals - ensuring full site compliance.
  • Latest technology - products, equipment & systems to maximise productivity.
  • Technical support – including audits & troubleshooting to resolve quality issues.
  • TUPE transfer - to retain the skills & experience of existing staff.