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Welcome to AMB Hygiene Ltd.

AMB Hygiene is an independent Northamptonshire based hygiene company with over 35 years specialising in the food hygiene industry, applying our industry knowledge. Initially we started out as a manufacturer of detergents and disinfectants for the food industry, delivering quality, service and value.

Because of our close contact with our customers, together with our in-depth industry knowledge, the natural digression was to also offer contract hygiene services to support our products. We can assist our customers achieve consistently high standards of hygiene by implementing cost effective cleaning and sanitisation (C&S) programmes allied with correct chemical choice.

AMB Hygiene offers a bespoke service package to support our products according to each customer's requirements. This can include auditing, chemical safety training, hygiene reviews and taking dosing system chemical concentration checks.

AMB Hygiene is also allied with a number of industry related companies allowing us to offer a complete package solution, including janitorial supplies, automated cleaning system repair, OPC/CIP design & fabrication, pest control and advanced training and auditing.

With AMB Hygiene you work with fellow industry professionals ready to support you and together help grow your business.